(Practicing the Perfection of Generiosity)

 An act of generosity; regarded as one of the most important Buddhist virtues. 

Making offering or voluntarily giving of materials, energy, or wisdom (dharma) with the right motivation will benefit countless others and accumulate vast merits for oneself at same time.

Offering for Spritual Activities

Spiritual activities include special prayers events or rituals and ceremonies held at monasteries 

as well as at retreat center.

Offering for Charitable Activities

Over years, Rinpoche is personally supporting the underprivileged people in, around and outside Nepal. In order to benefit others continuously, we appreciate your contribution of any amount to boost his charitable activities.

Offering for Private Requests

Many times, devotees request a personal prayers for themselves or for their relatives. Thus the "private request" is for them. The aim of offering is thus to express gratitude to Rinpoche for having performed the requested prayers to benefit oneself and others. 

However these offering will go to the fund for future retreatants at Karma Ngedon Pelbarling Retreat Center, Pokhara. 

Kindly make an offering using below link and mention the types of offerings. Thank You! or send an email to :